*Indicates long term demands. All other demands are immediate.

Updated on 8/11/2020


  • Publicly release information about the Easthampton Police Department (EPD) practices and policies to the community. This includes:

    • Information on training that EPD has budgeted $13,000 in the FY 2021 budget (what are these trainings, what do they cover, and who is teaching them?), and information on incoming money not included in the budget (ie. grants)

    • A public copy of the current police code of conduct

    • Information on current accountability structures within EPD, whether those are from the EPD code of conduct or the current EPD police union contract

    • Information on how to file a complaint against an EPD officer

    • Practical analysis of the last 3 years of policing along with the identification of places where community groups or peer support groups would be better equipped to respond

  • Police meet regularly with community organizations, including AKINE representatives


  • Commit to not hiring or re-hiring police with prior complaints in our city or elsewhere and extend background checks on officers

  • Commit to de-militarize in both equipment and training 

  • An immediate ban on chokeholds and no-knock warrants

  • Moratorium on arrests for survival (ie. asking for money/homelessness) and decriminalize homelessness

  • Put in place fines for false reports attributed to bias/racism

  • *Create a Community Review Board for police oversight that EPD must answer to and that is not housed under EPD or the Mayor’s purview. This Community Review Board will be given yearly municipal group training for all members. They will be responsible for overseeing yearly sensitivity training and reviewing all disciplinary action for EPD officers.

  • *Implement standardized disciplinary action for all EPD officers who have complaints made against them. These complaints will be reviewed by a Community Review Board, and take appropriate disciplinary actions that are as follows:

    • First offense: warning

    • Second offense: Immediate suspension

    • Third offense: removal for habitual offenders


  • Chief Alberti immediately reinvest pay-out from Northampton protest work and turn down his raise received for FY2021

  • Remove “school resource officer” from EPS, replace with a school counselor

  • *Reallocation of 10% of funds that are earmarked for EPD with the ability to review future cuts annually. These funds will go to public services that directly serve the community, such as peer support for community members, increasing mental health services, the creation of community programs, and the reallocation of school resource officers out of all Easthampton public schools.

  • *From the cut in police funding create a comprehensive 211 system within Easthampton


Additional aims of the BIPOC Caucus are to expand the AKINE campaign beyond policing but also target EPS through:

  • Annual anti-racism and bias training in regards to education for all EPS staff

  • Curriculum review

  • Resource officer reallocation of duty

  • Seek partnership and engagement with EPS Community Engagement Liaison and Superintendent

  • Obtain school-based discipline records (ie. is there a history of over or disproportionate discipline of students of color?)

  • Assessment of bullying in EPS

  • What are the current methods for hearing and resolving parent concerns