AUGUST 1st EVENT Press Release

Join Easthampton's AKINE - a BIPOC led community-based grassroots group - in support of demanding actionable steps to transform historically biased and racist institutions and policies in the City of Easthampton. This is a peaceful, socially distanced protest! Bring a mask, signs, and your voice to uplift and amplify our message!

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For Immediate Release:                                                                                         
July 29, 2020
01027: A Knee Is Not Enough
Isabella Gitana
(Easthampton, MA) – On Saturday, August 1st, 01027: A Knee Is Not Enough (AKINE) will join together with local community members, Jobs With Justice, and 413 Stay Woke, Stay Active, and come together in protest to demand actionable anti-racist steps to transform historically-biased institutions, policies and practices in the city of Easthampton. AKINE is a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color) led, community-based, grassroots group that was founded after Easthampton police department and public officials took a knee for eight and a half minutes to acknowledge the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, but did not follow up with further action. We demand that the city of Easthampton commits to more than symbolism on behalf of Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color in our city. Because police violence is an ever-present threat in our country and in our city, we demand that the city of Easthampton and the Easthampton police department commit to defunding, reallocating their resources, investing in our community, and prioritizing the safety and well being of BIPOC people in Easthampton and beyond. Our list of DEMANDS can be found here:
AKINE seeks to amplify and uplift Black, Indigenous, and people of color voices, especially womxn, nonbinary, queer, and trans voices. The protest will include storytelling, a march, public speakers, a shared memorandum of our demands, and local activist artists and musicians. Our HOPE is that this protest is seen as an opportunity for the community of Easthampton to acknowledge its growth and accept and understand its failures by creating an opportunity to listen, learn, and pave the way for meaningful discussion and dialogue in order to align itself with the global uprising to banish racism and hatred. It is our HOPE that it is not enough for Easthampton to say they are not racist, but work towards anti-racism within our community. We HOPE that the Easthampton community will commit to ongoing collaboration and unity as we fight for justice together.

In cognizance of Covid-19, all protest participants must adhere to health and safety protocols and will be required to wear a mask. The event will start with sign painting at 11:00am at the rotary (materials will be provided). Public speakers will address attendees at noon from the rotary. This is not an open mic. Thereafter, a march will proceed to the Easthampton police department headed off by a car parade for the accessibility of folks attending the protest. The event will conclude back at the rotary at 2:00pm with presentations from local activist artists and end at 3:00.

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